Our Staff

Elders and Deacons

Each congregation is charged with recognizing those whom God has raised up to lead the local church. It is therefore imperative that we understand what is expected of leaders in the church, as well as the biblical qualifications of those who are to serve as leaders.

How Elders Lead

The church has a body of pastors/elders who teach and shepherd the flock, as well as oversee the different ministries of the church. In accordance with Hebrews 13:17, they keep watch over the congregation as men who must give an account to God.

How Deacons Serve

The word deacon (gk: diakonos) denotes a helper or servant who serves.

The tasks of a deacon are primarily that of meeting the physical & material needs of individual believers and the congregation as a whole. If the deacon serves faithfully, he obtains for himself a high standing and great confidence in the faith that is in Christ Jesus (I Timothy 3:13).

Our Leaders

Jeff Perry

Pastor / Elder

Ricky Beaver


Jeffrey Perry


Charles Nagy