About Us


Above all else, we at Gospelway are seeking to find rest in Christ.

We believe that Jesus meant it, when He said, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest", and we have made it our mission to take Him at His word.

We believe that this is played out in three main ways

If we are going to understand the rest that we have in Christ, we must understand first of all what the gospel is, and what that means to us.

The scripture tells us that God has reconciled His enemies to Himself through Jesus. This means me and you!

Our focus is to daily spread this good news to those around us, so that they may find peace (rest) with God as well

The gospel is not only what centers us, but it is at the center of everything that we do and are.

Continuing His words, Jesus said that His, “yoke is easy”. We believe that He has, not only done the work to reconcile us to God, but His has accomplished our righteousness as well.

This means that we never have to do “church stuff” to gain a better standing with our Father. This allows us to rest in our acceptance with God through Christ.

Gospel means “good news”. When we say we are “gospel-driven” we mean that the central truth of our church is the good news of who Jesus is and what he’s done to save the world.

This is what drives everything that we do! We want everyone to know the rest that we have found in the gospel!


Most importantly, it means that you're always welcome to come rest with us. Just as we have been accepted by God in Christ, you'll always be accepted at Gospelway.