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Gospel preaching



At GospelWay you can come as you are. Seriously!


We are casual around here. You will see jeans, shorts, dresses, and business casual attire. So, wear something comfortable and come on!


Our welcoming environment also means that you don’t have to put up a front or pretend like you’ve got it all together. None of us have arrived; we are all struggling in various ways and are all in need of the same amount of grace from God.



Because all of Scripture is inspired, relevant, and authoritative, our normative style of preaching is systematic & expositional, meaning that the Bible will be taught, verse by verse so that the point of the text will be the point of the sermon.


We will typically take weeks and months at a time exploring one book or section of scripture, and our sermons are planned no less than 6 months in advance.



Liturgy simply refers to the arrangement of worship in a worship gathering.


Our desire is that people grow in faith as they rest in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe God manifests His grace to us through the ordinary means of preaching, fellowship, and ordinances.

In our gatherings, we will always read scripture, sing to God, listen to a sermon, and be sent out to labor in our communities.



The primary focus of music at GospelWay is to make the gospel the focus of all our singing. The content of our songs is what is most important to us.


Whenever you come to a GospelWay gathering you can expect to find people passionately singing to God and joyfully declaring the wonder of who Jesus is and what he has done to save sinners.  


Don’t expect to find a crowd of perfect people.

We are a group of sinners who fellowship together because Christ has paid the price for our sins on the cross.

God is perfect, but the people and the pastors of Gospelway are far from it. (1 Tim. 1:15)

Don’t expect to find the latest way to fix yourself.

Rather, come expecting to lose your guilt and shame in the understanding that Jesus is righteous for us. (Rom. 8:1)

Don’t expect emotionally driven songs that are all about us.

However, you will hear the Gospel expressed through both traditional hymns and more contemporary songs, as we sing together about what Christ has done for us. (Eph. 5:19)  

Don’t expect a sermon series designed by the pastor to improve your lifestyle.

In its place, each Sunday, you will hear about what God has done for you from His Word. (Luke 24:13-35)


Don’t expect a sermon that sends you away with a list of things to do so God is happier with you.

What you will be given, is assurance that God, through Christ, and by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, is performing a good work in you. (Phil. 1:6)

Don’t expect to leave the Sunday morning Service with all your personal problems solved.

Instead, you will leave with the assurance that your conscience need not be troubled because God offers you the gift of faith in Christ and acceptance in the beloved. (2 Cor. 5:21)