Sola Fide

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Last week we started a new series that will continue over the next few weeks in which we discussed the first of the five solas, Sola Scriptura - or Scripture alone. Today we will move right along to the next sola in the sequence, Sola Fide - or faith alone. If you are curious as to where the five solas came from you can refer back to our previous post for a brief introduction. For now let's dive into this weeks discussion.

Sola Scriptura stated that we are to put Scripture as our supreme and final authority when it comes to Salvation and living a spiritual life. Sola Fide was the reformers opposition to the Roman Catholics positions that stated that men could receive merit from God based off of good works.

So let's look at Romans 1:17 to get an example of what Scripture says about salvation:

"For therein is righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith."

This tells us that we do not receive righteousness by means of any act, work, or good deed that we can do, but that it is imputed by our faith in Christ. Well, if righteousness comes from our faith in Christ, then where do we get our faith from? We are not born with that faith, Scripture clearly says that we are sinners from birth (Psalms 58:3) - so then how do we get our faith in Christ?

Our faith was a gift from God. When the gospel is presented to a sinner, and the Holy Spirit begins to work on their heart, they begin to have faith in Christ. Faith is the foundation to the whole Christian life. It is through our faith that we do works for the glory of God. It is because of our faith that we love God, our brothers and sisters, and follow Christ. Our faith is what will allow others to see Christ in us and spread the gospel in order for their faith to grow.

Faith alone summarizes the relationship between man and God by showing God as the redeemer He is and man as being dependent on the Word of God. It is through faith alone that we receive the righteousness of Christ, which allows us to stand before God as spotless.

So far we have looked at the first two solas - Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide - and we can see why these solas are so important and can be considered to be the foundation to the Christian theology. It is Scripture alone that is our supreme authority and it is through faith alone that we are justified.

Next week we will continue with Sola Gratia, or grace alone. See you then!

- Kevin Robbins

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