I can do all things... Through a verse taken out of context.

Over the past two weeks we have looked at what the true believer looks like according to Scripture. Today we will try to wrap up this short series by diving into Psalm one verses two and three.

We started off in Philippians 4:13 where we saw that the Christian is always content with the sufficiency of Christ. Then we looked in Psalm 1 verse 1 and found out what the blessed, or happy/content, individual is to stay away from, or what they are not.

In verse two we see that their "delight is in the law of the LORD." The word law here is referring to God's Word. Rather than being under the law as a curse, after salvation the blessed individual is in the law. Not only are they in it, but they delight to be in it as his/her rule of life. In other words, the Christian is to take joy in following God's Word in the way they live rather than look at it as a a chore or occasional activity.

We also see in verse two that they are to "meditate day and night" in the law. This means to concentrate or focus on the Scriptures throughout your day and in the night. The blessed individual should be reading, studying, and thinking on the Word of God daily. You can also pray by reading through the book of Psalm. If our Bibles are only being opened once or twice a week, we may not be as "blessed" as we think we are. As Charles Spurgeon said "the law of the Lord is the daily bread of the true believer."

The phrase day and night can also be looked at as in the happenings of your life. During the "day," or times of prosperity, we should be praising the Lord and going to His Word as a means of thankfulness and rejoicing. During the "night," or times of affliction, we should come to the Scripture as a means of comfort, (which ties back into the contentment in Christ from Philippians 4:13).

Moving on to verse three we see the work of the gospel in the blessed individuals life. They were "planted by the rivers of water." God takes these men and women from the path they were on and placed them on a path that leads to Him. This path is by "rivers of water," or never-ending grace that is poured onto them. These rivers, or graces, will never run dry.

What is most important about this life the blessed individual has is the fruit he/she brings forth. I'll go back to Spurgeon again as he said it better than I ever could:

"The man who delights in God's Word, being taught by it, bringeth forth patience in the time of suffering, faith in the day of trial, and holy joy in the hour of prosperity."

The fruit these individuals bear will always be "in season" or right on time. No matter the circumstance given, those that are truly blessed will be fruitful in their ways according to the Word of God. You can clearly see this in the works that are done by these men and women. While we understand good works can't bring you salvation, they are a product of salvation and a quality of the truly blessed individual.

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