We all love stories. Ever since we were young. It’s the way we learn about who we are. So is it any surprise that Jesus uses stories to teach His children? And Jesus’ stories are so compelling that they are known throughout the world, both in and out of the church.


Much more than entertainment, Jesus’ stories challenge all of us to continuously adjust our view of life, our thinking, and our way of living. For throughout the parables of Jesus, we are in fact being invited into a bigger story. His story.


Rediscovering the Parables is a new sermon series at Gospelway that will last 20 weeks, beginning January 2nd and taking us through April 2022.


This series will be leading us chronologically through His parables. As the series progress, we will see the distinctions that Jesus made again and again, between the law and the gospel. And we will be faced with a choice between resting in His work or doing it ourselves.


Week One: Old Clothes and New Wine – Matthew 9:16

Week Two: A Lampstand – Matthew 5:14-15

Week Three: Wise & Foolish Builders - Matthew 7:24-27

Week Four: Forgiving Unequal Debts – Luke 12:35-48

Week Five: The Unfruitful Tree – Luke 13:6-9

Week Six: The Soils – Matthew 13:3-23

Week Seven: The Kingdom of Heaven is like... Part 1 - Matthew 13:24-33

Week Eight: The Kingdom of Heaven is like... Part 2 - Matthew 13:33-52

Week Nine: The Lost Sheep - Matthew 18:12-14

Week Ten: The Sheep, The Gate, and The Shepherd - John 10:1-18

Week Eleven: The Good Samaritan - Luke 10:30-37

Week Twelve: The Great Banquet & The Cost of following Christ? - Luke 14:16-33

Week Thirteen: The Lost Sheep, Coin, and Son - Luke 15:4-32

Week Fourteen: The Rich man and Lazarus - Luke 16:19-31

Week Fifteen: The Shrewd Manager - Luke 16:1-8

Week Sixteen: The Early and Late Workers - Matthew 20:1-16

Week Seventeen: The Wedding - Matthew 22:2-14

Week Eighteen: The Virgins, the Servants, and the Tree - Matthew 24:32-25:13

Week Nineteen: The Servants and the Talents - Matthew: 25:14-30

Week Twenty: The Sheep and the Goats - Matthew: 25:31-46


We meet every Sunday at a unit located in the Grove Center to the right of Domino's Pizza at

701 Hwy 29, in China Grove NC, 28023

Gospelway exists to point people to the rest found in Christ, So grab a friend and join us on Sunday!