What a great time for every team. No team has lost a single game. No batter has struck out. No pitcher has given up a grand slam. Every team has hope. Every fan hopes this is the year.

At Gospelway, Spring Training is here! Well, sort of...


Beginning on May 1st we will take a look at the twelve minor prophets. Keep in mind that, while they may be minor, they show us a major story of redemption.


In this series, we will unpack the redemptive message in a collection of books you, like most of us, have probably just skipped right over—the minor prophets. We often think of the minor prophets as books of judgment and maybe a little prophecy. But we will find that they show us a loving, redeeming God.


We will take a week or two to cover each of the twelve minor prophets. Keep in mind, that this series won't be a deep dive into each book, but a summary of the major themes of redemption that can be found displayed.


Week 1

The Prophets 

An Introduction

Week 2

 Major Judgment

858 B.C.? - Obadiah

Week 3 - 5

Major Grace
835 B.C. - Joel

Week 6 - 7

Major Misconceptions

760 B.C. - Amos

Week 8 - 9

Major Pursuit
755 B.C. - Jonah

Week 10

Major Identity
735 B.C. - Micah

Week 11 - 13

Major Love
725 B.C. - Hosea

Week 14 - 16

Major Goodness
650 B.C. - Nahum

Week 17 - 18

Major Plans
630 B.C. - Zephaniah

Week 19

Major Hope
605 B.C. - Habakkuk

Week 20

Major Healing
533 B.C. - Malachi

Week 21 - 23

Major Strength
520 B.C. - Haggai

Week 24 - 25

Major Conversion
520 B.C. - Zechariah 

If you get behind or are unable to join us, each sermon in this series can be found here

The study guide for the series can be found here 


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