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Our doctrines and distinctives are not original to us; our Baptist forefathers viewed themselves as the logical outcome to the Reformation principle of sola scriptura (the idea that Bible alone is the sole authority for faith and practice).


That being said, all of our beliefs and convictions are derived from the Bible and the Bible is our final and ultimate authority.

Our church is rooted in this Baptistic tradition and faith: Scripture Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Christ Alone, and the Glory of God Alone.


Gospelway subscribes to the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 as our statement of faith for church membership.


Baptist Faith and Message of 2000

The Elders of Gospelway subscribe to the teachings & guidelines of the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.

The 1689 London Baptist Confession

More info about who we are as an assembly of believers can be found in our Church Covenant below: